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Heritage Place Yearling Sale - September 20-22, 2018

Hip Sort Descending Sort Ascending Name Sort Descending Sort Ascending DOB Sort Descending Sort Ascending Color Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sex Sort Descending Sort Ascending Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam Sort Descending Sort Ascending Dam's Sire Sort Descending Sort Ascending
12 Tres Of Torts 2-11-2017 Sorrel Colt Tres Seis Queen Of Torts Mr Jess Perry
13 Df Mr Corona 1-02-2017 Bay Colt Mr Eye Opener Coco Corona First Down Dash
14 Timeformetofly 2-08-2017 Brown Filly Hes Relentless Corona Mit Go PYC Paint Your Wagon
19 Jesses Dashair 1-16-2017 Sorrel Filly Dashair Jesses Peach Mr Jess Perry
20 Twilight Eagle 1-28-2018 Sorrel Colt One Dashing Eagle Twilight Corona Corona Cartel
24 Ricca Seis JQM 4-23-2017 Bay Filly Tres Seis Personal Glory Walk Thru Fire
29 Hero On My Mind V 3-16-2017 Chestnut Filly One Valiant Hero Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
33 DF Royal Tales 2-02-2017 Sorrel Colt Wagon Tales Royal Candy Cat Red Storm Cat
41 A Tres Of Pop 1-28-2017 Brown Filly Tres Seis Pops Zooming Wagon PYC Paint Your Wagon
51 Reach For It 2-27-2017 Sorrel Filly Feature Mr Bojangles Penthouse Sweet Corona Cartel
52 All Out Of Water 1-10-2017 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Aquafina First Down Dash
59 Dynast C 2-06-2017 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Bling Dynasty Mr Jess Perry
62 A Painted Dynasty 3-14-2017 Bay Colt FDD Dynasty Third Painted Sign PYC Paint Your Wagon
66 Allora Pz 3-18-2017 Gray Filly Separatist Special Copauino Strawfly Special
67 Bp A Southern Dash 4-04-2017 Brown Filly One Dashing Eagle Southern Fling Southern Cartel
72 Stumbling Heart 1-12-2017 Sorrel Filly Jess Lips Coronation Roses Corona Cartel
75 Whole Lot Of Gumbo 4-15-2017 Brown Colt Valiant Hero Louisana Corona Jess Louisiana Blue
80 Silk For My Hero V 1-21-2017 Gray Filly One Valiant Hero Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
81 All Around Kowboy 1-30-2017 Sorrel Colt Mighty B Valiant Counting On You Mr Jess Perry
90 Combined 1-06-2017 Bay Colt Kiss My Hocks Bet Your Corona Corona Cartel
93 La Jolla Shores 2-19-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Shyann La Jolla Streakin La Jolla
99 Thanks For That 1-30-2017 Bay Colt Carters Cartel Jess Like That Mr Jess Perry
110 First Hero V 4-06-2017 Sorrel Colt One Valiant Hero Perrys First First Moonflash
117 Ad Jess Teller Girl 2-07-2017 Sorrel Filly Teller Cartel Jess Runnin Holland Ease
119 Tlc Sinner 2-20-2017 Brown Colt The Louisiana Cartel Shades Of Sin Tacha First Down Dash
122 Fantsy First Down 1-30-2017 Sorrel Colt First Down Dash Fantsy Pants Splash Bac
124 Bp Take Your Dynasty 5-04-2017 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty PYC Takes All Streakin Sixes
133 Need No Reason V 2-26-2017 Brown Filly Good Reason Sa Act Up Strawfly Special
142 Angels Second Sign 2-27-2017 Brown Filly Second Painted Sign Angels Envy Mr Jess Perry
146 Wicked On Purpose 1-17-2017 Sorrel Filly Hez Our Secret Jess A Lil Wicked Mr Jess Perry
150 DF Special Train 2-04-2017 Sorrel Filly Freighttrain B Gingers Special Eyes Eyesa Special
159 Brilliant Cut Cartel 2-08-2017 Bay Colt Coronado Cartel Azoom Diamond Azoom
161 Unnamed 2-01-2017 Brown Colt Walk Thru Fire Sassy N Flashy First Moonflash
163 Centers Valiant Hero 2-25-2017 Brown Colt One Valiant Hero Centercurlincash Spit Curl Jess
174 Odette 4-06-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Illegal Feature Feature Mr Jess
176 Perfect Zenon JQM 3-03-2017 Brown Colt Separatist Corona Perfection Corona Cartel
187 Waves From A Girl 1-08-2017 Gray Colt Wave Carver Red Face Girl Valiant Hero
188 Bedawee Dash 3-19-2017 Sorrel Filly Heza Fast Dash Bedawee Beau Somekindadash
189 Df Trick Dash 2-02-2017 Sorrel Colt Dash Ta Fame Witch Trick Favorite Trick (TB)
193 Volcorona 1-28-2017 Bay Filly Volcom Triffle Teller Cartel
194 Dream Of A Dynasty 2-28-2017 Sorrel Filly FDD Dynasty Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
197 American Proud 1-17-2017 Brown Filly Valiant Hero American Feature Feature Mr Jess
201 Df Stylish Cartel 3-31-2017 Bay Colt Favorite Cartel Zoomin Lizzie Beth Pappasito
202 Unnamed 1-17-2017 Bay Colt Volcom Awesome Abby Fishers Dash
204 Illegal Favorite 2-19-2017 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Belle Of Valor Valiant Hero
210 Stranger Things 4-06-2017 Sorrel Colt Strawfly Special Dicey Secret Raise A Secret
211 Chicks A Perry V 3-02-2017 Brown Filly Mr Jess Perry Chicks A Flying Chicks Beduino
214 Jess Being Political 3-16-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
221 I Have Become 3-26-2017 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
224 Valiant Virgo 3-19-2017 Bay Colt Valiant Hero Hot As Diamonds Hot As Hell
230 Fearless Favorite 1-26-2017 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Ms Eaves Tres Seis
242 Hawkeye Train 1-17-2017 Sorrel Colt Freighttrain B One Famous Hawkeye One Famous Eagle
246 Let It Go Pz 1-09-2017 Gray Colt Separatist Sex N Candy White Tie
250 Queens Dashing Eagle 2-07-2017 Chestnut Filly One Dashing Eagle Queen Of Anywhere Make It Anywhere
251 Bp Southern Blood 3-19-2017 Bay Filly Apollitical Blood BP Down South First Down Dash
254 Fire Away Chick 3-01-2017 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks Walk Like This Walk Thru Fire
256 Send Me Corona 1-27-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel Jess Send Me Feature Mr Jess
257 Candy Coronado 2-01-2017 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Jess A Candy Gal Mr Jess Perry
259 Relentless Surfer 2-18-2017 Sorrel Colt Hes Relentless Little Surfer First Down Dash
260 Clean Brew 2-07-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Theslatesclean Corona Cocktail
263 Carters Favorite 2-10-2017 Sorrel Colt Favorite Cartel Runawayheart First Down Dash
270 Wes Hightower 5-22-2017 Sorrel Colt High Rate Of Return Shes So Fly Strawfly Special
279 Shes So Valiant 1-04-2017 Bay Filly Valiant Hero Preslee The First Corona Cartel
282 Cluster Of One 4-25-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Cluster of Stars (TB) Greeley’s Galaxy (TB)
288 Perrys Double Down 4-25-2017 Sorrel Colt Mr Jess Perry Double Down Darling Fishers Dash
293 Seperate Rule 3-19-2017 Gray Colt Inseperable Rosey Rules Okey Dokey Dale
296 Kissin My Dreamgirl 4-18-2017 Sorrel Colt Kiss My Hocks Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
301 One Sera Fina V 4-10-2017 Sorrel Filly One Valiant Hero Sera Fina Corona Cartel
302 Bp Tres Flings 3-30-2017 Bay Filly Tres Seis Southern Fling Southern Cartel
306 Corona Frozen Mv 2-04-2017 Gray Filly Corona Cartel Streakin Snowlady Mr Jess Perry
311 Unnamed 2-17-2017 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Bp Southern Mariah Southern Cartel
316 The Fiscal Sign 2-04-2017 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Signs Zoomer Shazoom
320 One Valiant Chick V 3-02-2017 Black Filly One Valiant Hero Chicks A Flying Chicks Beduino
321 Favorite Moonshine 4-03-2017 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Bootleggers Miss FDD Dynasty
336 Strapping Corona 2-02-2017 Sorrel Colt Stel Corona Wandering Illegally Walk Thru Fire
340 Tres Bottles Of Wine 2-16-2017 Sorrel Filly Tres Seis Winning Merlot Winners Version
341 Df Moonflash Babe 3-11-2017 Sorrel Filly First Moonflash Personal Honor Mr Jess Perry
342 Dm Oh Yeah 3-03-2017 Gray Filly Walk Thru Fire Dm Shannel Separatist
344 Kiss Me Perry 2-27-2017 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks Lady Perry Too Mr Jess Perry
350 Hot Lil Sashay 2-03-2017 Bay Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Sashay Hot Walk Thru Fire
356 Coronas Empire 2-06-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Louisana Corona Jess Louisiana Blue
359 Ima Valiant Teller 2-27-2017 Brown Colt Mighty B Valiant Ima Teller Peach Teller Cartel
373 Mighty Bg Tuff 2-09-2017 Brown Colt Mighty B Valiant Corona Pearl Corona Cartel
375 A Famous Cartel 2-18-2017 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle Lethal Cartel Corona Cartel
376 PR Tough Corona 4-25-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Bonnie Streakin Streakin La Jolla
379 A Valiant Chamisa V 2-16-2017 Gray Filly One Valiant Hero Sixy Chamisa Sixes Royal
381 Butch Knows Best 3-13-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Little Kool Barbie Mr Jess Perry
382 Unnamed 3-12-2017 Brown Filly Carters Cartel Checkher A Firstdown First Down Dash
383 Teller Jewel 4-26-2017 Brown Filly Teller Cartel Klassy Sassy Country Chicks Man
385 DF Quick Pants 1-20-2017 Gray Filly Royal Quick Dash Ourlastpants Check Him Out
386 Love Is Everything V 2-18-2017 Sorrel Colt One Valiant Hero Echoes Of Love One Famous Eagle
388 Oil Company Bum 3-22-2017 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Fate Cant Weight Mr Jess Perry
392 Im Going Streaking 3-29-2017 Gray Filly Kiss My Hocks Racing Streak Streakin Sixes
393 Dark Cobra 4-06-2017 Brown Filly Teller Cartel Zavona Azoom
397 Special For Tres Pz 3-19-2017 Bay Filly Tres Seis Special Copauino Strawfly Special
407 Kissin Corona 2-16-2017 Sorrel Colt Kiss My Hocks Corona Valentine Corona Cartel
408 Df Good Summer 4-03-2017 Black Colt Good Reason Sa Painted Summer PYC Paint Your Wagon
413 The Grandeur Wagon 1-15-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Royally Streak Royal Quick Dash
415 Have It My Way 1-13-2017 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Make Us Proud Holland Ease
420 Df Mischievious Jess 2-14-2017 Bay Colt Apollitical Jess Mischievous Player Corona Cartel
425 Honeys Painted Pop 3-25-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Gols Honey Money Pop Gol
432 Secret Passenger 4-18-2017 Sorrel Colt Coronado Cartel Full Of Air Dashair
441 Kiss Me Anywhere 2-02-2017 Chestnut Colt Kiss My Hocks Paint Me Anywhere PYC Paint Your Wagon
442 Swervin 3-08-2017 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Sweet Feature Girl Feature Mr Jess
450 Famous Cash Corona 1-29-2017 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Streakin Cash Corona Corona Cartel
452 Bp Fancy Alibi 3-30-2017 Bay Filly Im A Fancy PYC Bp First Ladys Alibi First Down Dash
453 Volcom Express 2-04-2017 Bay Colt Volcom Triffle Teller Cartel
457 Mountain Top Jess V 3-27-2017 Gray Colt Jess Lips Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
460 Unnamed 2-27-2017 Sorrel Filly Teller Cartel First Down Oak First Down Dash
468 Not Jess Any Wagon 3-28-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Jess Braggin Mr Jess Perry
475 Coco Be Mine 2-14-2017 Brown Filly Volcom Coco Candy Teller Cartel
478 One Dashin Star 3-27-2017 DkBay/Brown Colt One Dashing Eagle Monarchos Star Monarchos (TB)
489 Around The Next Bend 4-04-2017 Bay Filly One Famous Eagle BP Southern Policy Heza Fast Man
490 Volcoms Disco 3-23-2017 Bay Colt Volcom Check This Disco Check Him Out
491 Sara Carter 1-13-2017 Bay Filly Carters Cartel Hi On The List Streakin La Jolla
497 Paint Special Moon 2-20-2017 Sorrel Filly Kool Wagon Wanna Watch Me Zoom Shazoom
500 Df Seis Train 3-09-2017 Sorrel Colt Freighttrain B Sissy Seis Tres Seis
507 Second Painted Chanc 4-16-2017 Bay Colt Second Painted Sign Sis Talks Straight Talker
518 Cherry Blosoom 1-15-2017 Gray Filly Hes Relentless Tres Seis Folszookie Tres Seis
528 Valiant Neon 2-06-2017 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Strike A Rose Strawfly Special
531 Bad Partner 3-22-2017 Sorrel Filly Tempting Dash Feature Jess Rockin Feature Mr Jess
532 Shoop 2-11-2017 Sorrel Colt Valiant Hero Vikes Dashing First Down Dash
533 Vals April Missy 4-02-2017 Brown Filly Valiant Hero Good Eye Mr Eye Opener
536 Favorit Shake 2-23-2017 Bay Filly Favorite Cartel Jess Shakem Mr Jess Perry
537 Apollitical Fame 3-05-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Blood Miranda Fame Dash Ta Fame
544 Smooch My What 2-26-2017 Sorrel Filly Kiss My Hocks Fiery Moon Walk Thru Fire
553 Vino Bello 4-09-2017 Sorrel Filly Favorite Cartel Napa Valley Girl TR Dasher
555 Relentless Fire 4-21-2017 Sorrel Gelding Hes Relentless La Dominica Walk Thru Fire
564 Paint A Hero 2-05-2017 Brown Filly PYC Paint Your Wagon Cheyenne Hero Valiant Hero
565 Blame It On Mexico V 2-19-2017 Brown Colt Corona Cartel Viva Mexico Feature Mr Jess
566 Huck Finn 4-08-2017 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Dash Ta Strawfly Dash Ta Fame
573 Sassy Cornado 1-06-2017 Brown Filly Coronado Cartel Sassy N Flashy First Moonflash
576 Relentless Episode 1-07-2017 Bay Filly Hes Relentless A Corona Episode Corona Cartel
579 No Mo Water 1-12-2017 Gray Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Aquafina First Down Dash
581 Gotta Pop Cartel 2-01-2017 Brown Filly The Louisiana Cartel Oak Trees Pop Pop Oak Tree Special
586 Blue Moon Saloon 3-11-2017 Brown Colt First Moonflash Sassy Smith Corona Cartel
588 Worth A Google 5-04-2017 Bay Colt Tres Seis Rieda Hay Worth Corona Cartel
598 Df Favorite Summer 3-14-2017 Black Colt Favorite Cartel Painted Summer PYC Paint Your Wagon
610 Independent Wagon 4-19-2017 Brown Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Makeover Moment Corona For Me
618 The Valiant King 3-17-2017 Bay Colt Valiant Hero Rustys Lil Lady Fredricksburg
619 Volcom Force 2-05-2017 Bay Colt Volcom Miss Lethal Chicks Beduino
620 DF Walking Pilot 1-28-2017 Sorrel Filly Walk Thru Fire Ms Perrys Pilot Mr Jess Perry
622 Kissin Kash 3-20-2017 Bay Colt Kiss My Hocks PYC Diamond PYC Paint Your Wagon
623 American Favorite 1-26-2017 Chestnut Colt Favorite Cartel Allamericandreamgirl Strawfly Special
628 Perfecta Ta Fame JQM 5-12-2017 Bay Filly Dash Ta Fame Corona Perfection Corona Cartel
641 Dashing Is Easy 1-23-2017 Sorrel Filly One Dashing Eagle Corona Habit Corona Cartel
644 Headstrong Tenaya 4-24-2017 Brown Filly Good Reason Sa Lady Tenaya Sixarun
645 Bp Southern Suzie 4-03-2017 Bay Filly Corona Cartel BP Down South First Down Dash
649 One Fine Eagle V 3-17-2017 Bay Colt One Famous Eagle Sera Fina Corona Cartel
656 Streakin And Sizzlin 4-01-2017 Chestnut Colt Mighty B Valiant Heavens Assured Streak And Dash
668 Knew Generation 3-09-2017 Bay Filly FDD Dynasty Preslee The First Corona Cartel
670 Df First Train 3-26-2017 Sorrel Filly Freighttrain B Nothinlikelovin First Down Dash
672 Catch Me If U Can V 2-25-2017 Bay Colt One Valiant Hero Special Folly Dash Tempting Dash
681 Heavenly Poison 1-20-2017 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Spoiled Jess Feature Mr Jess
686 Lil Valiant Hero 1-28-2017 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Corona Valentine Corona Cartel
699 Uncle D 2-15-2017 Bay Colt Corona Cartel Little Surfer First Down Dash
707 Our War Hero 2-19-2017 Black Colt Valiant Hero Tell Her Shes Queen Teller Cartel
709 Fire Hero 2-12-2017 Sorrel Filly Valiant Hero Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
710 A Bit Dicey 2-24-2017 Sorrel Filly Tac It Like A Man Dicey Secret Raise A Secret
715 Moral Turpitude 4-02-2017 Brown Colt Favorite Cartel Pure Dash First Down Dash
717 Turbo Mag 4-08-2017 Brown Colt Heza Fast Dash Jess Maganette Mr Jess Perry
718 Determined Queen 2-22-2017 Sorrel Filly Corona Cartel A Lil Known Fact Special Task
720 Jetblack Dynasty 3-14-2017 Sorrel Colt FDD Dynasty Jetblack Gold Moment Jet Black Patriot
721 Bp Apollitcalcess 1-22-2017 Sorrel Colt Apollitical Jess Miss Cartels Success Corona Cartel
733 Sassy And Silky V 1-24-2017 Black Filly One Valiant Hero Silk Mountain Panther Mountain
736 Ice On My Lips V 1-31-2017 Sorrel Filly Jess Lips Fire On Ice V First Down Dash
740 Coronas Folly 1-11-2017 Bay Filly One Dashing Eagle Follies And Corona Corona Cartel
743 Feature The Pipes 1-26-2017 Sorrel Colt Feature Mr Bojangles Play The Pipes Mr Jess Perry
747 Fleeting Funds 2-17-2017 Gray Colt Zoomin For Bux Quick Way Holme Royal Quick Dash
749 Ima Desirio 2-03-2017 Brown Colt Desirio Ima Teller Peach Teller Cartel
751 Unnamed 2-22-2017 Bay Filly Volcom Quick Cartel Southern Cartel
753 Newport Tales 2-02-2017 Sorrel Filly Wagon Tales Newport Lady Chicks Beduino
756 Oklahoma 15 3-14-2017 Bay Colt PYC Paint Your Wagon Lotta Love For Robyn First Down Dash
758 Miss Capshaw Decapi 4-04-2017 Bay Filly Capo De Capi Shawnee Autumn Dashing Val
764 Ad Corona Crazyspeed 1-20-2017 Sorrel Filly Jesse James Jr Chantell Corona Corona Cartel
765 Miss Foose Pz 3-28-2017 Bay Filly Foose Meddlin Mischief Dash For Cash
769 Df Storm Tales 1-20-2017 Bay Colt Wagon Tales Storm’s Promise Seattle Fitz (TB)
777 Second Painted Man 1-09-2017 Bay Colt Second Painted Sign Takin On The Green Takin On The Cash

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