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Los Alamitos Equine Sale -  October 7-8, 2017 - Los Alamitos, CA

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Hip # Horse Name DOB Sex Color Sire Dam Sire of Dam
9 Five O Too 3-07-2016 Colt Bay Mr Jess Perry Designateddriver Corona Cartel
25 Five Bar Flying 3-24-2016 Colt Sorrel Five Bar Cartel Fire Flying Walk Thru Fire
29 Coronado Amber 3-29-2016 Filly Bay Coronado Cartel First Lady Amber Heza Fast Man
31 Coronado Country 2-25-2016 Filly Sorrel Coronado Cartel First Prize Chic Country Chicks Man
34 Short Lily 5-01-2016 Filly Brown Stel Corona Five Bar Lily Brookstone Bay
47 I M Brazilian 3-07-2016 Colt Bay First Down Dash Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac
64 Thats My Church 1-26-2016 Filly Black Corona Cartel I Go Out Walkin Walk Thru Fire
65 Stir Of Echoes 2-12-2016 Filly Gray Stel Corona I Hear An Echo Separatist
67 Ima Fivebar Mc 3-09-2016 Colt Sorrel Five Bar Cartel Im A Dashin Runaway First Down Dash
78 Diligent Duty 2-16-2016 Colt Sorrel Corona Cartel Jess Jets Mr Jess Perry
79 Low Winter Sun 3-03-2016 Colt Sorrel First Down Dash Jess Racy Eyes Mr Jess Perry
80 Walk With Jess 4-03-2016 Colt Sorrel Walk Thru Fire Jess So Sixy Mr Jess Perry
82 Flashing The Boys 3-24-2016 Filly Bay First Moonflash Jump Down First First Down Dash
88 Dinastia Inferno 2-21-2016 Colt Bay Walk Thru Fire Dinastia Toll Brz Tolltac
96 Arrogant Disregard 2-19-2016 Colt Bay Walk Thru Fire Kiss N Toll Tres Seis
100 Stevieb Flashofcash 3-06-2016 Colt Sorrel First Moonflash LDS Good Goin Gracie Proudest Effort
102 Lethal Lil 2-21-2016 Filly Bay Corona Cartel Lethal Delight Dean Miracle
113 Name Pending 1-08-2016 Colt Sorrel One Dashing Eagle Madresita Pappasito
128 Valiant Rhodes 3-10-2016 Colt Sorrel Valiant Hero Miss Stocks N Bonds Bully Bullion
133 Captain Mazurk 3-07-2016 Filly Sorrel Captain Courage Napa Valley Girl TR Dasher
139 Valiant Stallion 1-28-2016 Colt Brown Valiant Hero One Famous Ermana Mr Jess Perry
141 Budbreak 2-05-2016 Colt Brown FDD Dynasty Paint Your Beau PYC Paint Your Wagon
142 Shine Happy 1-14-2016 Filly Bay Walk Thru Fire Paris Prize PYC Paint Your Wagon
152 First Won Down 1-02-2016 Filly Bay First Down Dash Preslee The First Corona Cartel
165 Grist 3-12-2016 Colt Sorrel Feature Mr Bojangles Go Go Getter Royal Shake Em
175 Mystery Eagle 4-16-2016 Filly Gray One Famous Eagle Rousing Encore First Down Dash
178 Mother Ocean 4-20-2016 Filly Gray Corona Cartel Runaway Wave Runaway Winner
183 Sassy Krystal 1-22-2016 Filly Sorrel Heza Fast Dash Sassy Corona Corona Cartel
192 Jess My Candy 4-10-2016 Colt Brown Mr Jess Perry Send Candy Power PYC Paint Your Wagon
193 Mr Reed Ricks 1-06-2016 Colt Sorrel Mr Jess Perry Separate Fire Walk Thru Fire
201 Wastedtime 1-27-2016 Colt Gray Separatist Shaded Secrets No Secrets Here
223 Buona Notte 3-27-2016 Colt Sorrel Walk Thru Fire Sunset Stunner Corona Cartel
229 Richer Than Sin 1-27-2016 Filly Bay Coronado Cartel Tan Thin And Rich Mr Jess Perry
230 Mc Lovesepcialist 3-21-2016 Colt Sorrel First Specialist Teller Love Teller Cartel
232 Party With A Purpose 3-01-2016 Colt Bay Louisiana Senator The Party Is Hot Foose
236 Thelimetomycorona 3-02-2016 Filly Sorrel Corona Cartel Theslatesclean Corona Cocktail
243 Y Paint Linda 4-07-2016 Filly Bay PYC Paint Your Wagon Tres Of Linda Tres Seis
245 Tidal 2-07-2016 Colt Gray Teller Cartel Tres Sea Tres Seis
248 Valiant Titan 3-29-2016 Colt Brown Coronado Cartel Valiant Missy Valiant Hero
252 Valiant Torro 1-31-2016 Colt Bay Valiant Hero Wallstreet Darlin Bully Bullion
261 Golden Soul 1-27-2016 Filly Sorrel Coronado Cartel Zahavi Mr Jess Perry
265 Carrie Bradshaw 3-26-2013 Mare Bay Tac It Like A Man A Tiny Bit More Strawfly Special
268 Estelline 1-20-2016 Filly Bay Carters Cartel Lady Of Reason SA Favorite Trick (TB)
277 Check Carters Cartel 1-10-2016 Colt Bay Carters Cartel Behold This Check Check Him Out
279 Big As All Get Out 5-06-2016 Filly Sorrel Stoli Big On Charm Sir Alibi
283 Beaus Coupe 3-28-2016 Colt Sorrel Foose Bouquette First Down Dash
286 Moment Too Moment 1-31-2016 Filly Brown Lota Pyc Britts Special Eyes Strawfly Special
287 Budder Not 5-11-2016 Colt Sorrel First Down Dash Budderfly Effect Strawflyin Buds
298 Cabot Cove North 5-09-2016 Colt Sorrel Foose Contessa De Kas Coup de Kas (TB)
300 Deprivation 3-21-2016 Filly Bay Carters Cartel Lady Of Reason SA Favorite Trick (TB)
301 A Famous Corona 2-26-2016 Colt Sorrel One Famous Eagle Corona Perfection Corona Cartel
302 One Dashing Dream 1-26-2016 Filly Sorrel One Dashing Eagle Coronas Dreamgirl Corona Cartel
305 If I Called 1-15-2016 Filly Bay Valiant Hero Coronation Roses Corona Cartel

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